Me in the Middle of Print Proofs

Last Friday I blogged about my reordering my life and getting going on things I’ve been procrastinating about for far too long.  It all evolved around the last two months when I was concerned about the outcome of some medical issues and tests that had been done.  You can read about it here ~ Me in the Middle of Order, Disorder and Reorder:

“While I was going through the uncertainty and disorder of that waiting and not knowing, there was an openness to what’s next in my life once I knew for sure what was going on.  Waiting was difficult!  When I returned home from the hospital I checked my messages and there was an email from someone who wanted to buy a print of one of my watercolor sketches that I did while in Ireland.  My thoughts right away shifted to this new possibility going forward.  No more procrastinating and letting opportunities slip away.  Who knows where this might lead?”

Well, I put the wheels in motion and started putting my good intentions into action.  I’ve been working with a printer this week and just received the final proofs.  They’re doing a job for me for 8 x 10 prints and note cards.

So I’m on my way to finding out what selling your artwork is all about.

Keep a look out for a future post.  I might begin a whole new adventure with this and include a shop here on my website.

Print Proofs #5

How about you?  Have you sold your artwork online?  Any tips for this beginner?

I found this video very inspiring!!


Me in the Middle of Ireland

A Guinness A Day Oct 1

Shamrock, Clover, Saint Patrick, Luck

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!


What finer day than Saint Patrick’s Day to recall the year that I came home to the land of my ancestors?   Other than ‘the wearing of the green’, I haven’t gotten into too much of the American Celebration of the Day.  I lived across the GW Bridge in NJ all my growing-up years and can’t recall ever going into the big parade in NYC!  I don’t remember ever drinking green beer!  I’ve enjoyed Irish Soda Bread and Corn Beef & Cabbage off and on.  Loved watching the Irish Dancers and even attempted to do the Irish Jig!  All these things helped me feel a part of the tribe …..  though nothing can compare to going Home to Ireland. 

Setting foot on Ireland’s soil touched me in such a deep, primal way that I truly felt I was coming home even though I’d never been there before!

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Photos include:  Cong farmland, Atlantic Ocean,  Cobh Port of Cork, Kennedy Park,  Rock of Cashel, Atlantic Ocean, Ha’Penny Bridge


Some watercolor sketches I did along the way.


“Above all else, deep in my soul, I’m a tough Irishwoman.”

~ Maureen O’Hara ~

Sláinte! ☘


Beautiful Music of Ireland