Me in the Middle on a Virtual Sketchwalk

For the months of March, April and May ~ I’ve been traveling!

Virtual Traveling!

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Image by Pixabay

Virtual Sketchwalk is a Facebook Page with 849 (and growing) members.  At the beginning of each month, the Admin ~ Kate Powell ~ posts around 100 plus photographs of interesting places, local and foreign.  Sketchwalks involve a group of artists who meet up at a specific location and spend time sketching together at that location. Virtual Sketchwalk brings together artists who might not be able to travel yet still can enjoy sketching and learning about the area.  It gives us a chance to practice our skills and then share our artwork with each other on Facebook.  Each of us can choose from the photographs and we can sketch as many as we want.  It’s fun to see the different interpretations that evolve from each person.

My previous post on the Virtual Sketchwalk for December, January and February  is HERE.


March ~ Tasmania Australia

March 2019 Ross Tasmania 2

Sketch by Mary Lou

March 2019 Tasmania B #1

Sketch by Mary Lou

March 2019 Tasmania E

Sketch by Mary Lou


Sketch by Mary Lou

April Virtual Sketchwalk was People Sketching and I didn’t participate.  I was doing the The A to Z Blog Challenge 2019

In May, we were all saddened by the fire that destroyed much of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France. I was amazed that some of the beautiful stained-glass windows survived. When Kate chose Paris as our May Virtual Sketchwalk I seized the opportunity to take up the challenge and try to sketch the window. Now I can say I tried! It was not an easy challenge. 

May 2019 Paris~Notre Dame #2


May 2019 Notre Dame #4

Where will we go next?

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Image by Pixabay