Me in the Middle ~ #WordPrompt ~ July

PLAY ~ “Play is the highest form of research.”- Albert Einstein

Susan Crouch Watercolor

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” ~ Mr. Rogers

My fondest memories of PLAY were mostly while being outdoors. From the time that I was little and throughout my childhood, my parents, especially my mother, made an effort to teach us through nature. Water was always a part of the teaching and we’d take family rides to streams, lakes and oceans. I learned to be respectful of the natural world while finding joy and relaxation as I played with a freedom not found indoors. I learned there were limits to that freedom and listened to the warnings of any dangers I might find in my adventures.

Me at the New Jersey Shore

My oldest brother was the nature lover in the family from the very beginning. His interest in collecting birds, fish, turtles was what drew the rest of us into exploring the best spots to explore the great outdoors. One place was a nature park with walking trails, streams and a pond where I could go ice-skating in the winter. I used to follow my brother when he explored the streams and sometimes wade through the water with him.

Me watching my brother explore

When I grew up and was raising a family of my own the best family play was visiting the county/state parks in the area. My five energetic sons could take off and explore which helped them release stored up energy. Their father and I could find ways to relax with a good book, take long walks or just sit beside the calming water. For me, water has always been my source of play and relaxation.

Now, just turning 80 and slowing down, I’m content to play with my ‘Water’colors. It’s a playing that keeps me centered during these troublesome times. I love the watercolor by Susan Crouch of the child playing at the shore.

And Wordle!! I play Wordle! Haha!